Natural Tick Repellants Explained

Ticks are not something you want to encounter. Not only do they bite, but they also contain diseases. You can genuinely get something like Lyme disease from a tick if you are not careful. It is why you are going to want to ensure you are keeping these ticks away from your property and person.

Not every situation requires pest control. While it is good to have the number of a residential tick control hudson professional, you may want to try some natural and DIY repellants before you take that step. Just know that if you do need their help, they can come to your home, spray the area, and you will be tick free.

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As for tick repellants, cedar oil spray is said to help a lot. It is something you can have on your clothes and skin, as it is 100 percent natural and not harmful. It is safe for your pets too. It will keep ticks away from your person and possessions.

You can go a step further and combine some essential oils for a natural repellent for ticks and other insects. You will mix citronella oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and almond or jojoba oil. With this combination, which is a few drops of each oil, you will ensure the ticks are not going to come onto you.

Other people swear by apple cider vinegar. We know it helps a lot with fruit flies, and it can help with ticks too. You can spray it on your exposed skin and clothes, and it is going to ward off ticks and other insects.

These repellents are something you can spray around your home as well. Perhaps you will want to do it near the entryways into your home, such as doors and windows. It will ensure the insects are not tempted to go further and get into your house.